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this must be the place 

Our studio is where we create most of our stuff. It's located in the center of Malmö, ≈ 20 meter from the pedestrian street and Gustav Adolfs torg. 

It's ours, but it's made for you! If you have an idea that you want to put together in our space — get in touch! 

The space is available for rent, short- and longtime.

Need a showroom in central Malmö? Want to put together an art show, maybe a mini conference or a workshop? Or maybe you need a pop up shop for your fashion brand or furniture design? Perfect. 


Here are a few ideas:

• Pop up shop
• Pop up Gallery / Exhibition
• Pop up Showroom
• Boutique
• Workshop
• Smaller events for 1-25 people
• Talks & meetings
• Movie Screening (bring your own projector)
• Workspace

Come by! (Open by appointment only.)






The place is located in the city of Malmö, southern Sweden. If you know your way to Gustav Adolfs Torg and Solde Coffee bar, you're pretty close.

Södra Tullgatan 3¾, 211 40 Malmö, Sweden