»don't be a template!«




WEB design 

Need a new or better www? If you want something that stands out – you've come to the right place! 

Let us help you tell your story. We love a true digital experience that stands out. We're not the best coders in town (don't worry – there's an app for that), but we know exactly how to make you the most beautiful website around.

how we work

—It's not about the code, It's about the content and the design; it's about the story. Most of our web assignments are not helped by super advanced functionality, instead, by keeping it simple, focus on the story, the idea and the visual concept – we build better and affordable web sites.

—We've done websites for artists, small businesses, restaurants, music festivals, studios, photographers,  Polar Music Prize, and a small psychiatric clinic (!).
We're open for everyone.

—We can help you from start to finish. Often we handle everything from strategy and design to implementation and release.

—You already have a pretty good site, but need some new ideas or a helping hand? Maybe a new design? Perfect. Get in touch!

—Don't be a template — no one like generic and boring web sites. Instead try to do something different! We use design and smart ideas to create something totally unique. 



During the years, we've been involved in websites for companies and projects like Minc, Bråvalla Festival, Where's The Music Festival, Öresundsfestivalen, Dubbel Dubbel Restaurang, Polar Music Prize, Jonathan Johansson, Salong/Media Evolution, Familjen, Orup, Hultsfredsfestivalen, Hybris, Svenska Musikklubben, Scandinavian Sync, Plockepinn Restaurang, Cirkel Psykologibyrå and many more.


our model for better websites

To be honest, our focus is not the code/development. We work with web because it's a great and place to let your visual ideas take place. We've been working and playing with internet design since the mid 90s.

Depending on the complexity and budget, we sometimes collaborate with programmers/developers specialised in modern web coding. They'll help us build our visions.

Not so complex websites, but still beautifully and top-modern, we often handle in-house – we design for publishing platforms like Wordpress & Squarespace.

This way of building web experiences are perfect for most of our clients – and yes, it keeps the prices down as well.


Why Studio Pop?

Pick us! We are not like everyone else. We don't do what everyone else does. We have an unique panache – professional, yet young at heart and fresh-thinking. You will get our full attention, and the result will glitter and shine!


Who are we?

We're Kalle Magnusson and Henric Claesson. We've been working with communication and design for more than 10 years now (Stay young!). We strive to produce stunning fresh-thinking design for modern clients.



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